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8m3 Company residence


This Mexican company designs, produces and performs its scenic exercises.

Its aboutscenarios derived from personal poetic figures, builded and rebuilded trough exposure among the rest of the company members; individual searches are combined to create a particular stage language.


In 2009 they participate in the XXX National Theater Festival, where the current members of the company, distinguished as fresh voices of Mexican theater, after having an exchange and conviviality generated by the workshops, assemblies and presentations, formed a solid team. The resulting combined and creative work has earned them important awards in Mexico.


Their residence at the Museo Universitario del Chopo will allow them to review with the audience some of the processes that have taken place in little more than five years of work. In April and May 2016 will present new pieces Discourses over a puddle, The way of the insect and come to see our friends win. The goal is to open an opportunity for dialogue between company and viewer on its scenic proposal. After this exchange, they will debut in July This is not Denmark.



From april 21 to august 7

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