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Gabriel Garcilazo

For his first solo exhibition in Mexico City, Gabriel Garcilazo (Cuernavaca, Morelos, 1980) presents a set of 34 drawings that are based on the colonial-period codices to address the complexity of the problems associated with the trafficking of drugs, arms, and people in the continent. With an ingenious and measured selection of visual elements, the artist establishes key geographical points on these journeys to create abstractions of superficial details that are combined with striking images of dead, migrants, murder victims, the homeland betrayed, and Americans represented as Spanish colonists.


Until April 30, 2017 Arnold Belkin Gallery


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Héctor Zamora


For the first time in Mexico, Héctor Zamora is presenting a project taken from the new direction of investigation pursued by his work, which involves actions in the creation of his site-specific interventions.


In Memorandum Zamora merges the special characteristics of the building with a mechanical activity, generally associated with the female gender, to set out diverse lines of interpretation of a sociological and political character related to the local and global context. Zamora critically refers to the functioning of the governmental, bureaucratic and institutional systems of power and points to the role of the secretary in the misogynist, capitalist workforce.


Until June 25, 2017 Central Gallery


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Punk. Sus rastros en el arte contemporáneo

Punk. Sus rastros en el arte contemporáneo

El punk es una actitud de discrepancia y rebeldía frente al sistema económico, político, social y cultural. La exposición curada por David G. Torres, a propósito del 40 aniversario del surgimiento del punk, recupera antecedentes del movimiento, presenta a algunos de sus protagonistas y a otros autores en cuyas obras permanecen los principales factores de la crisis de los setenta. Algunas de las temáticas más recurrentes son el ruido, la negación, el nihilismo, la violencia o la sexualidad.


Until march 2017
Rampas gallery, Helen Escobedo Gallery and CIM (Media and information center)



Azul extensivo

Extensive blue
Sofía Táboas


Large format installation composed of glass in various shades of blue that occupy the main wall of the South Gallery reflecting the surrounding gallery. The artist piece relies on her interest for several materials such as plastic, construction elements, swimming pool tiles, leather, stone and paper, among others; often intensifies the characteristics thereof to isolate, contrast or build with them, installations and sculptural proposals.

November 26 2016, 12:00 hrs.






Se les recuerda a todo el público que NO está permitido tomar fotografías con flash, ni video de la obra bajo ninguna circunstancia, por su comprensión, gracias.




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