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From the verb ‘to be’
Magali Lara

From the verb ‘to be’ is a solo exhibition that revisits the art practice of Magali Lara (Mexico, 1956), from her early works during the late 70´s until 2016. It aims to show the methodologies that Lara has developed in her production, highlighting the intersection between diverse artistic disciplines such as drawing, stamp and writing, that have derived in a specific language recognizable in her paintings.


Until September 3
Rampas and Helen Escobedo Gallery


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We started with a kiss
Within the XXX International Sexual Diversity Festival

The multiple works gathered in this years Festival, are not only visually distinguished aesthetically, but they are also instrumental.

Its purpose is to visualize the multiplicity in production techniques for different subjectivities, through the disassembly of the subject under a fixed identity.



Until June 30, 2017

Arnold Belkin Gallery



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Héctor Zamora


For the first time in Mexico, Héctor Zamora is presenting a project taken from the new direction of investigation pursued by his work, which involves actions in the creation of his site-specific interventions.


In Memorandum Zamora merges the special characteristics of the building with a mechanical activity, generally associated with the female gender, to set out diverse lines of interpretation of a sociological and political character related to the local and global context. Zamora critically refers to the functioning of the governmental, bureaucratic and institutional systems of power and points to the role of the secretary in the misogynist, capitalist workforce.


Until June 25, 2017 Central Gallery


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