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¡Joc Doc! editorial presented a compilation of mexican alternative comic and fanzine.


Archivo Anal 5

Anal files

The second fanzinoteca edition consisted of an exhibition dedicated to sexual diversity, masculinity and the boundary between pornography and eroticism graphic.


logo fanzinoteca

Clipart for fanzines

Clipart for fanzines was the Fanzinoteca´s 3rd edition under the vision of of Miki Guadamur, fanzine artist during the 80s.


Kaos DFctuoso

Kaos D.F.ctuoso

The fourth edition was dedicated to the anarch - punk movement in Mexico, trough the collection of Álvaro Detor, El Toluco.


























variety gate 1

Lucky Dragons. Variety Gate

Variety Gate, 5th edition Fanzinoteca project was a revision to the processes of contemporary graphic production through the work of Lucky Dragons.


nick zedd

El zine invisible

The Invisible zine was the sample from the personal collection of publications, videotapes and music artist, filmmaker and director Nick Zedd.


archiva DIY

Una archiva del DIY

Gelen Jeleton collects and puts open consultation, like a flea market, an archive of editorials and fanzines, result of collective groups work, associations and self-managed groups, whose practice explores the relationship between music and drawing.





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