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Cultural venues

la 77

La 77

Joaquín García Icazbalceta 77, corner of Manuel María Contreras. Col. San Rafael.


La 77 is a space for presenting and experimenting with contemporary art practice that has developed from its context: El Patio 77 B&B, a sustainable venue conscious of the harmony between art and life.


facebook logo La 77




  • Joaquín García Icazbalceta 30, Colonia San Rafael


Lodos is a space dedicated to exhibiting the work of critical artists working in new modes of production. Lodos is a gallery for contemporary art.

El Templo

Galería Casa Maauad


Altamirano 20, Col. San Rafael.


A not-for-profit organization that brings together an artistic community of individuals and institutions with the aim of promoting contemporary art. Diverse cultural activities including lectures, exhibitions and shows




Roble 3, Col. Santa María la Ribera.


A theater format for the performance of a micro-play, lasting less than 15 minutes.

Biblioteca Vasconcelos

APocAPoc dance forum


Ponciano Arriaga 31, Col. Tabacalera


APocAPoc is a repertory company that seeks to innovate in the works performed by exploring new forms of expression

museo de geología

Geology museum

Displays of minerals, fossils, and folk art.

Jaime Torres Bodet 176, Col. Santa María la Ribera.


In addition to presenting displays of minerals, the Geology Museum is home to paintings by Mexican landscape artist José María Velasco.


Biblioteca Vasconcelos

Vasconcelos Library


Eje 1 Norte (Mosqueta) esq. Aldama S/N, Col. Buenavista.


Public services, cultural events, collections, new books and online catalogue.

Verde Morada

Verde Morada / Enchulame la bici


Eligio Ancona 79, Col. Santa María la Ribera.


A community vegetable garden that presents different techniques in urbanagriculture. It is currently operating a bicycle workshop (Enchúlame la Bici), which aims to promote the use of ecological urban transport by providing personalized low-cost bicycles.

tianguis del chopo

"El Chopo"cultural street market

Bazar | cultural forum.

Aldama / Col. Buenavista.


The El Chopo street market is home to every kind of form of musical expression: rock, psychedelia, punk, metal, blues, jazz and progressive, using a platform based on trade or barter.




  • Edison 137, Col. San Rafael.


DIAGRAMA is a not-for-profit project whose mission is to stimulate discourse around contemporary painting and generate a platform for dialogue between painting and other contemporary art practices.

Hilario Galguera

Hilario Galguera

International contemporary art gallery.

Francisco Pimentel 3, Col. San Rafael.


Discover the selection of large-format paintings by James HD Brown in his show “The Planets” at Hilario Galguera Gallery.

El Templo

El Templo


Doctor Enrique González Martínez 201, Col. Santa María la Ribera.


The El Templo Cultural Café is a space that combines the best of independent forms of cultural expression, with an emphasis on pleasing its customers with the best service in a friendly setting.



Bar Tijuana

Bar Tijuana


Héroes Ferrocarrilesros 6, Col. Guerrero.


Cantina offering international cuisine

El Corral del Chivo

El corral del chivo

Birria estilo Jalisco

Jaime Torres Bodet 152-C, Col. Santa María la Ribera.


El corral del chivo offers Mexican food with a focus on cuisine from the state of Jalisco.

Restaurante la Tía

Restaurante La Tía

Set menu and à la carte

Manuel María Contreras 20, Col. San Rafael.


Try the bread with herb butter at this well-known local diner in San Rafael.



Russian cuisine

Salvador Díaz Mirón 87, Col. Santa María la Ribera.


How about a traditional Russian dish, right on the main plaza?


Sazon de Lolita

El Sazón de Lolita


Doctor Enrique González Martínez 18, Col. Santa María la Ribera.


Mexican restaurant. 


Santuario de las Jirafas

Santuario de las Jirafas y la Mula


Manuel Carpio 93, esquina con Dr. Atl, Col. Santa María la Ribera.


At the Santuario de las Jirafas y la Mula you can find 18-inch quesadillas and draught beer by the yard.

Fonda Oaxaqueña

Fonda Oaxaqueña


Héroes Ferrocarrileros 6, loc. 2B Col. Buenavista.


Typical food from Oaxaca.

Salon Puebla

Salon Puebla


Fresno 246, Col. Santa María la Ribera.


Salón París

Salon París


Jaime Torres Bodet 152, Col. Santa María la Ribera.







Boca del Río

Boca del Río


Ribera de San Cosme 42A, Col. San Rafael.

Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido

José de Emparán 23, Col. Tabacalera.


La Cubana chocolates

La Cubana

Cedro 208, Col. Santa María la Ribera.







Northern-style tacos


Serapio Rendón 13 Int-3, Col. San Rafael.

el chivito

El chivito



Serapio Rendón 23, Col. San Rafael.

casa nool

Casa Nool

Restaurant and catering service

Cedro 235, Col. Santa María la Ribera

casa nool

Mesón Puerto chico

Spanish style cuisine

José María Iglesias 55, Col. Tabacalera.



Cafe King

Café King


Dr. Enrique González Martínez corner of Antonio Alzate





Santa María la Ribera 84, Col. Santa María la Ribera.


Alebrije es un nuevo espacio de arte y cultura.

don porfirio cafe

Don Porfirio Caffe


Plaza de la República 46, Col. Tabacalera. 


Los fines de semana hay eventos de teatro. En la San Rafael, muy cerca del museo.

La Vaca de Muchos Colores

La vaca de muchos colores


Manuel María Contreras 52, Col. San Rafael.


No tiene vacas, pero sí muchos colores.

Café Moka

Café Moka

Coffee roaster

Santa María la Ribera 6, Col. Santa María la Ribera.


Café Moka is one of the oldest and best-known stores in the Santa Maria la Ribera neighborhood, with a history stretching back over 80 years.


cafe gran premio

Café gran premio


Antonio Caso 72, Col. San Rafael.

libreria bodet

Librería Bodet

Bookshop and café

Jaine Torres Bodet 115, Col. Santa María la Ribera.


One of the most popular bookshops in the neighborhood, without a doubt.

La especial de París

La especial de París

Traditional ice creams and café

Insurgentes centro 117 local B, Col. San Rafael.


Tamales Emporio

Tamales Emporio

Tamales and atole

Manuel Maria Contreras 18, Col. San Rafael.


If you find yourself in the San Rafael don’t miss the chance to discover their specialties, including their purslane with mushrooms and olives.


Cine Opera

Cine Ópera

Façade of the former Cine Opera

Serapio Rendón 9, Col. San Rafael.


The famous Cine Opera building in the San Rafael neighborhood, a key venue in the early years of Mexican cinema’s Golden Age.

Quisco Morisco

Moorish Pavilion

Alameda de Santa María la Ribera.


A fine example of the architecture of Santa Maria la Ribera.

Iglesia de los Santos

Parroquia de los Santos Cosme y Damián


Serapio Rendón 5, Col. San Rafael.


This church displays the architectural qualities for which the San Rafael neighborhood is still known. 

Biblioteca aragon

Biblioteca Aragón

Façade of the Aragón private library

Dr Atl. 215, Col. Santa María la Ribera.


A private library not open to the public, but its façade is well worth a visit.



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